Featured Hotspots

Steelhead Alley – Lake Erie

Known as steelhead alley, trout fishing in New York state is primarily centered around Lake Erie’s tributary streams, which boasts large runs of this migratory trout. Steelhead numbers peak between October to April, with thousands of trout making yearly migrations upstream to spawn.

Steelhead Fishing in Pennsylvania

Fishing for steelhead in Pennsylvania is very popular in the spring and fall. One of the most exciting fish to catch, the mighty steelhead, known for it’s acrobatic leaps and reel screaming runs.

Michigan Steelheading

Steelhead fishing in Michigan is very popular, with fish starting to enter the rivers in March. Runs hit their peak in April and fishing can still be good up until the end of May. Some of the best steelhead rivers in Michigan are the The Pere Marquette River and Big Manistee River.

Ontario Steelheading

Hooking into a “screaming chromer” is thrilling. This refers to the steelheads tendency to run and jump once hooked and pull line giving your drag a real work-out. In spring, steelhead move up rivers and creeks that feed the Great Lakes is great numbers.